deis nooz staff December 2, 2013

Rose Art Museum Announces Partnership with Roseart Crayon Company

It has been quite an exciting year for the Rose Art Museum. Brandeis recently announced that the Rose Art Museum would be partnering with the Roseart crayon company.

“This partnership is a great way for us to incorporate new exhibits into the museum. We’re hoping to generate more student interest. ” said head Rose curator Arthur Demont.

Following the recent presence of bigger name companies such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, the sponsorship of the museum does not come as a surprise. Nevertheless, some students have expressed dissent over corporations becoming involved with Brandeis life.  The Student Senate has created a special Facebook group to address concerns.

“Has anyone looked at Roseart’s background? I heard their wax factory uses actual worker’s earwax to make crayons. That does not sit well with me, especially at a school founded on social justice.”- posted sophomore Jacob Ebstein.

Freshman Amy Smith asked “Will I be able to purchase Roseart supplies using a meal?” which was met with a twenty post conversation about ”whether or not art is a commodity that can be priced”. Students agreed that above all, society must consider people of all economic backgrounds before deciding who can or cannot create art and that charging for art supplies is ruining the sanctity of creativity. It took four hours of this before anyone answered Smith’s original question. Sodexo officials have stated art supplies will not be counted as a meal equivalent because they are made by an outside company and because they are not in fact food.

Some complaints were met with agreement, but others were deemed irrelevant. Senior year student Marc Kline posted a link to an Internet meme that stated “Roseart is the Nickelback of Crayons”. He was banned from the group for being off-topic, although his post received thirty coveted Facebook likes.

Student complaints aside, university officials have stated they will continue to proceed with the agreement with the Roseart company.

“Students will get over it, probably. This is a great move for our image. We are trying to be as competitive as possible. Tufts just signed a partnership with Hasbro. Brandeis needs to keep up.” responded Arthur Demont when questioned about Roseart’s declining popularity as an art supply company.

The sponsorship is to include a partnership with the Lemberg Children’s Center and local Waltham schools to encourage artistic creation.  One planned exhibit will incorporate children’s artwork into an already existing exhibit which students often refer to as ‘The One With All The Penises’. “The idea is to show that using Roseart supplies, anything is possible” gushed Roseart spokeswoman Jenna McCane.

“We’re hoping to connect outreach and art-reach” added Jenna. “These kids are creating something really special” she said, gesturing to a picture of a rocket-ship penis space scene drawn by local sixth grader Jeremy Lemay. “With the Rose Art Roseart partnership, you are not just a curator, you’re a care-ator.”

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