deis nooz staff December 9, 2013

Hot Blonde Girl Seen In Sherman Definitely Visiting From Another School

An attractive blonde female was spotted in Sherman Dining Hall around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon. Witnesses describe the female as being “smiling”, “blonde”, and “kind of hot”.

The woman of interest was wearing yoga pants, a Victoria’s Secret Pink v-neck and appeared to have 20/20 vision. Freshman David Francis, who saw the female in line for the grill, said she was “a classic beauty.” He went on to comment, “She didn’t look tired or strung out from work or anything. A lot of kids here still seem stuck in a middle school awkward phase. She looked like she never even went through that.”

Junior Jessica Wright remarked, “I’ve never seen her before.” Wright’s boyfriend agreed, adding, “If I had, I might not be dating this one,” as he gestured to Wright, who was unamused by the comment.

Workers at Sherman confirmed that the female used a guest meal to enter the premises. Walter Johnson, Sherman Dining Hall Manager, told reporters, “I’ve seen a lot of Brandeis students in my day but never one like her” before adding, “she’s probably from BU or something”.


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