deis nooz staff December 17, 2013

Freshman Ari Binder Excited About First Black Friend

The summer of 2013 was an exciting time for Ari Binder, a freshman at Brandeis University. From his mission trip to Sarasota, Florida to leading his volleyball team to the summer camp semi-finals, Binder has succeeded at multiple pre-collegiate accomplishments.

However, Binder’s greatest triumph came this August when he first befriended African American student Evan Roney. “I made my first black friend!” Binder told Deis Nooz. “Yeah, it is fantastic. His name is Evan!”

The two met during Orientation Week at a pizza party mixer described by Binder as “thrilling.” From there, the relationship blossomed.

“When he sees me he says ‘what’s up?’ and yesterday he punched my fist with his fist!” claimed Binder, maintaining that the physicality of the fist bump broke down “racial walls.”

Concluding the interview, Binder commented, “Don’t tell my mother. I don’t want her to worry,” before thoughtfully adding, “You know, I think I’ll invite him to Shabbos.”

Evan Roney, freshman and Binder’s First Black Friend, is a resident of the Massell Quad and could not be reached for comment.


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