deis nooz staff January 24, 2014

Adorable Animals Confused by Recent Temperatures, Freeze To Death Over Night

Reaching into the high 40s and low 50s, the temperatures in Waltham, Massachusetts have been a little confusing for all of the town’s inhabitants. Marissa Moran, a sophomore at Brandeis University, said, “It has been so hard! One day I had to wear my winter coat. The next day I was wearing shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt!”

The people around Brandeis University are not the only ones affected by this bizarre weather. Local animals were also confused by the sudden warmth.

Assuming that spring had returned, adorable critters, plump songbirds, and elegant deer emerged from the forests to frolick, mate, and prepare for the next winter.

Two days later, as temperatures again dipped to below freezing, the critters, unprepared for a second winter, slowly froze to death over night.

Dean McGraner, a junior, noted, “One day I’m wearing a graphic T and some cargo shorts, the next I’m in my down jacket stumbling over a family of dead rabbits! What a week!”

“Just two days ago,” comments freshman Eric Moyer, “I was walking to Usdan in a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans, and then today I trip over the icy corpses of two ducks and their small nest of hard, lifeless eggs in boots, a snow coat, and a hat! Massachusetts weather!”

In other news, without competition for food and habitat, it seems that the turkeys have only gotten stronger from what is now being deemed the most unpredictable winter ever.

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