deis nooz staff January 30, 2014

Mid-Years Excited for Infamous Dartmouth Street Nightlife

As the semester begins, mid-year students find themselves slowly growing accustomed to their new home. “There is so much going on, it can be chaotic,” says mid-year student Harry Moyal. “There’s school work, Einstein’s Bagels, a library. Not to mention Dartmouth Street.”

Dartmouth Street, the warm, beating heart of a Brandeis student’s social life, has developed quite a reputation for itself.

“If you want a frat party, you go to Dartmouth Street. And who doesn’t want a frat party? Everyone loves a frat party,” says Brett Palimino, a sophomore student and Brother of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity before adding, “Why? Are you interested in rushing?”

However, students are not just interested in joining the fraternities of Dartmouth Street. Jacob Cohen, a Mid-Year, excitedly describes what he calls “the basement scene.”

“It’s Euro-chic,” he says. “Very popular in France, I’ve heard. It’s like a sensory overload, a full body orgasm. There’s the tickle of fiberglass on the back of your neck, and even the tickle of asbestos settling on the walls of your lungs. You stand there, sipping Walgreen’s Cola and Gordon’s as your eyes, pushed into survival mode, try to discern the dimly lit shapes of chubby sorority girls taking selfies. You stand there and think, ‘this is what it feels like to be alive.’ It’s a good feeling.”

Mid-year Rachel Hugh only has one thing on her mind: “Boys. I am excited about the boys. Dartmouth Street is where you find that aggressive man who drinks too much and frightens your father. If he’s Jewish, that’s a plus, too.”

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