deis nooz staff February 3, 2014

Sodexo May Require Meal Plan For Life

In a presentation to the Board of Directors, Tuesday,  Sodexo Senior Director Of Operations, Randi Kates-Peirce proposed a new policy that would require students to be on a meal plan for the rest of their life.

The plan, if approved, would require that all students beginning with the class of 2013 to purchase a meal plan every year until the day they died. This most recent proposal comprises of three meal plan options: A 21 meal plan, a  10 meal plan, and an all flex point plan. These equivalencies will only be good on the Brandeis Campus.

Additionally, all students will be required to get a small RFID chip implanted in their arm.

“That chip would allow us to track delinquent alumni who choose not to buy a meal plan,” explained Kates-Peirce

According to Kates-Pierce, students who make a one time, non-refundable donation to Brandeis for $99,000 or more would be eligible to apply for one of three available meal plan exemptions.

“It might make financial sense to make the donation,” said Freshman Jorge Valdez. “With modern medicine the way it is, I might live to be 110, and then I’d be spending more on the meal plan! Of course I could make the donation and still not get the exemption. The whole thing is a gamble!

Administrators reminded Students that the plan is still in the early planning stages. “We want students to have a say in their future! We encourage everyone to write to comments on napkins that we can put straight in the garbage,” said Kates-Peirce

“Nothing’s been decided yet! #StayStrong,” tweeted Senior Vice President Andrew Flagel.

The Board of Directors will make a vote this Thursday over dinner at the Faculty Club.

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