deis nooz staff February 11, 2014

Nooly Wedz Alumni Couple Spotlight: Quidditch Player is “A Keeper”

Brandeis has always been a place for lovebirds. Whether your mother sent you here so you could meet your perfect wife, or you’re hoping your lab partner in chemistry class is going to be a rich doctor, it seems Louis is synonymous with love.  Plus we all know about Louis Brandeis’s secret affair with Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s why Deis Nooz is happy to introduce a new section, The Nooly Wedz Alumni Spotlight. Here we’ll showcase all the great couples from graduations past.

Today Deis Nooz is interviewing Brandeis alums Carol Marshfield (class of ’11) and Aaron Gordon (class of ’09). These two met on the Brandeis Quidditch Team. We were lucky enough to get a chance to meet with the two in a local Barnes and Noble.

Deis Nooz: So, you two were both on the Quidditch Team? What was that like?

Carol: Well, it was my fall semester at Brandeis. I went up to the Quidditch table at the activities fair. That’s when I first met Aaron. He introduced himself to me as a keeper. I guess he wasn’t kidding.

Aaron: Yeah. Carol looked so nervous, it was adorable. She was wearing a little Ravenclaw scarf.

DN: Okay. So then you two just got to know each other from there?

C: Yeah! I started attending every single quidditch practice. I just wanted to spend more time with him.

A: Carol always was quite the chaser.

DN: At what point did you guys realize you were interested in each other?

C: We had this fantastic team holiday party. At the party, I drank a little too much butterbeer, and I told my best friend Sarah that I had a crush on Aaron. Then when I was taking a bathroom break in the little witch’s room, Sarah told Aaron! I wasn’t expecting her to be such a little snitch.

A: And I was pretty glad Sarah told me. I had developed a crush on her after watching her playing quidditch at a recent tournament. I noticed her dexterity with something between her legs and the way she handled all the balls. Besides, you know what they say…the wand chooses the wizard…or in this case, the witch.

DN: So I guess you could say Carol was the chosen one.

C: Actually, only Harry Potter is the chosen one.

A: Or Neville, Carol! God. It says that right in the book. It’s like you have only seen the movies. You know, sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you. Or like you’ve taken polyjuice potion and I’m talking to someone else.

C: You know what I meant Aaron. Don’t be so Crabbe-y.

DN: Oh, don’t fight. I was just trying to make a joke. Do you guys have any pet names for each other?

A: Yeah, sometimes I like to call Carol my little Ms. Norris.

DN: Oh…that’s…cute, I guess. Anyway, I heard you guys were engaged. Any wedding plans?

C: It’s always been my dream to get married on the roof of the Brandeis Castle. I mean, Brandeis is basically the closest either of us will ever get to Hogwarts. The castle is just so magical and romantic. It makes me feel like I’m really living in a fantasy. Especially with Aaron.

DN: I mean, besides the leaky sinks and East bugs, I guess it’s kind of nice. So, just one last question. What’s your favorite flavor of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans?

C: Buttered Popcorn!

A: You know, I’ve actually always kind of liked the Booger ones. Wait, you’re not publishing everything we say, right? Don’t publish that.

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