deis nooz staff February 25, 2014

There Was A Dog On Campus Today

Reports are flying in regarding a dog on campus today. Many students were excited to see said dog.

Sophomore Jacob Goldbaum, upon spotting the dog, shouted “Dog!” Other students expressed similar sentiments.

“Oh my gosh, look at that dog!” said Haley Wilkinson, a freshman living in North Quad. She claimed to have seen the dog and its owner near the library, and other comments support the evidence that the dog was most likely being taken on a walk through the campus.

“Puppy!” added her roommate, Elly Smith. It was the first dog Elly has seen since returning to school.

When questioned about the dog, student athlete Kevin Lee advised us that the dog was “so fwuffy” and that he “just wanted to cwuddle with it!”

“Aw look!!!” gestured Stephanie Eisenberg as the dog peed near the Louis Brandeis statue, “so cute!”

A few students were actually lucky enough to pet the dog. Others admired from afar. Overall, the student population’s opinion about the dog is: “there was dog on campus today!”

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