deis nooz staff March 19, 2014

After talk with Greek Leaders, Flagel to meet with native chiefs in pow-wow

After his meeting with members of the Greek community to discuss their recognition by the Brandeis Administration, Andrew Flagel announced he would be meeting with disgruntled native chiefs next week to discuss similar recognition.

According to Chief Hokolesqua of the Wampatuck tribe, The Village residence halls were built on sacred native burial grounds. Hokolesqua and Flagel will speak in a pow-wow to decide how to proceed with this issue.

“I’ve been in contact with the Wampatucks for several weeks now,” Dean Flagel said in an interview with Deis Nooz Tuesday. “After several misunderstood smoke signals it was me who called the pow-wow for next week.”

Flagel said he is not leading the charge to hand the land back to the tribe.

“There’s no initiative that I’ve launched or started, other than talking with many Wampatuck representatives … in response to their inquiries about how that might work,” he said.

Marlee Jackowitz, president of the Students of the Indigenous Populations Society says this pow-wow will be a big step forward for their cause.

“We’ll just keep our eyes to the meeting of the Chiefs next week,” she said. “I just hope Flagel accepts the sacred Blue Pipe of Hiawatha. If not things could get really rocky.”

The Pow-wow, set for next tuesday, will be held in the Village Common room. The pow-wow is open to students with corn, beans, and squash to follow.

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