deis nooz staff April 2, 2014

Flagel Sends Personal Email To Every Student

After 36 straight hours of emailing Brandeis students regarding Admitted Students day, Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment and part time Alan Tudyk stunt double, Andrew Flagel finally emerged from his office. Wearing two Brandeis University foam fingers, Flagel has been furiously typing away the last day and a half, sending each student a personalized email seeking their help in Admitted Students day.

“It is one of the most important days the Brandeis community experiences every year,” explained Flagel, who wiped his brow with a Brandeis University towel, cringing from the pain of his newly acquired Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The emails, which students began receiving at around noon, Tuesday, urged each and every student to participate in Admitted Students day. The individualized notes contained everything from inside jokes to invitations to dinner.

According to Irene Konig, Flagel’s personal secretary, the heroic VP took to the keyboard like a “madman.”

“He went non-stop, taking only a few breaks to practice his deliberate pauses and podium taps before going back to emailing,” Konig explained.

Students who received the messages were humbled and flattered.

“I’ve never even met the man,” said first year, Chloe Morsen. “When he spoke at orientation it certainly felt like he was talking to me… maybe he was all along!”

Flagel did not take long to recuperate after his marathon mailing before heading out to shake some hands and smile for some cameras. He donned his Brandeis University sports jacket, pulled on his Brandeis University over coat, and was out the door.

Reportedly, later that same day, he whispered, “#swag!”  to a group of prospective students before vanishing in a puff of Brandeis University smoke.

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