deis nooz staff April 7, 2014

Sorority Pledge Unaware She’d Have To Drink Blood of Her Lineage

Freshman Sarah Goldbaum was nearly finished with pledging an unnamed sorority when she learned sisterhood meant more than philanthropy and friendship.  Goldbaum was shocked to learn that the final step in her initiation process would be to drink the blood of her fellow sisters.

Goldbaum had been through a series of tests already to prove she was ready to be a sister, such as wearing a burlap sack for the week and sleeping in Olin Sang 101 for three nights straight. She had heard rumors that the sorority ruled with an iron fist, though she wasn’t quite sure why. On Thursday night, she figured it out the hard way.

Goldbaum was sitting in the Upper Green Room of the Farber library when her “Big”, whose name will be released pending further investigation, said she was going to make a Starbucks run. When she returned, she was carrying a children’s sippy-cup filled with red liquid.

“She said I had to drink it if I wanted to be a sister. I figured it was Kool-Aid or something.”

Her Big went on to explain the oath that went along with the act: “every sister in the sis-tory of the sisterhood had sipped the sister syrup from the sacred sisterhood sippy-cup” she said, handing the cup to Goldbaum. “It’s the blood of our lineage. Me, your grand-big, her grand-big. It’s a legacy.” Goldbaum, still assuming the cup was filled with Hi-C, Fruit Punch, or perhaps even red wine, allegedly took a sip.

“That’s when I realized what it was. I tried to spit it out, but my other pledge sisters said if I did I would get blood on the letters they were working on making for their Bigs.” remarked Goldbaum. “So I just swallowed it.

No official sisters could be reached at this time, but another member of Goldbaum’s pledge class mentioned that she thought Sarah was overreacting.

“It was hardly the worst task we’ve had to do. I mean, I can handle drinking some blood. It’s these heart-to-hearts that are really killing me.”

This story comes at inopportune time for the sorority, which was planning on sponsoring a blood drive as their philanthropy project.


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