deis nooz staff January 25, 2015

Students Hold Vigil for A Less Interesting Spring Semester

WALTHAM – Students gathered in rapt silence on Chapels Field, Tuesday, for what organizers called a “Vigil to End all Vigils.”

The event, announced via Facebook, brought together almost two hundred students who held candles and prayed for an end to the controversies that have plaguedBrandeis in recent months.

“For too long we have been ashamed of our University,” said junior and organizer Paul Rigglio in a press release. “We’ve had executive compensation scandals, sexual assault problems, twitter scandals, email leaks, rescinded honorary degrees. Can’t we just have one boring semester? For fuck’s sake, we’re not asking for perfection here people!”

Students held candles and signs that read “No More Please.”

After a prolonged silence an organizer of the event, Shira Fishbaum stepped into the center of the circle to speak through a megaphone to the assembled students and faculty.

“Now go home!” She pleaded. “Don’t tweet about this. Don’t hashtag. Don’t look at the Boston Globe. Don’t make an online petition or a Facebook group. Just go back to your dorms, focus on your work, and stop being so god damn dramatic.”

The vigil was met with a counter protest and a twitter campaign under #ExpelShiraFishbaum. Other students created page, “Petition to Stir Up Action at Brandeis.” Some argued the vigil only represented the beliefs of white students. Others said there was a severe lack of female students in attendance. Two administrators sent out emails neither condemning nor condoning the actions of the vigil. The Huffington Post is expected to write an article soon.


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