deis nooz staff September 17, 2015

Brandeis Announces New Minor in Social Media

WALTHAM— Stephen Whitfield, director of The American Studies Department announced a new minor program in Social Media, Tuesday.

“We’ve noticed that people spend most of class time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter,” Whitfield told Deis Nooz in a phone interview, “so we decided to give them credit for their work!”

The Social Media minor will require a to be determined amount of class time spent on the internet, and a portfolio of posted material. Social media usage outside of academic spaces will not be included.

“The new minor promotes multi-tasking,” explained Whitfield. “We can’t accept Facebook posts made drunk on a Saturday night. We have to have some sort of academic standard.”

Whitfield said he hoped the minor could some day be a major.

As to the usefulness of the degree Whitfield joked, “It’ll look just as good on a resume as an American Studies degree… if not more!”

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