deis nooz staff September 29, 2015

HerCampus and Odyssey Face Off Over Who is Less Consequential

WALTHAM— Brandeis students have a lot of options when it comes to campus publications. HerCampus and the Odyssey are locked in a dead heat competition to be the least important among them.

Before recently, HerCampus would have been a hands down favorite. According to a recent essay published by American Studies Professor Thomas Lobe, 40-50% of the articles published on the site are “perfect and utter trash.”

“Who is the current Campus Cutie? Who cares!” writes Lobe in his essay Fish Rag: A Survey of Brandeis Publishing. “HerCampus’ methodical drudgery is painful to read.”

But according to Lobe, The Odyssey poses a threat to HerCampus’ dominance in totally sucking. The Odyssey, founded just a few months ago, has surged in its ability to publish words on the internet.

“I don’t even really know what The Odyssey is,” said everyone who has ever written for the Odyssey. The group of fifteen sorority girls and theater geeks were happy to respond to Deis Nooz’s call for comment. “Any time I get my name on the internet I’m happy. Just so long as an employer can Google my name and see I know how to put a sentence together,” the group said in creepy unison.

One Odyssey contributor, Joelle Pomarano, was particularly proud of the Odyssey’s ability to spread Brandeis’ name. “The best part about The Odessey [sic] is that our posts can be seen by other college kids!” said one writer. “I just want everyone to know how great our Brandeis education is!” she said, deliberately ending her thought in a preposition. Her most recent article had a total of 83 words and 15 gifs.

Lobe called The Odyssey, “the greatest plague to campus journalism since the Justice published the name of a rape victim without their consent.” He accused the writers of having “very little grasp of the English language,” and “little to no focus on why they are writing.” His researchers were not able to find the Hoot anywhere on campus.

Journalism Professor Shari Provich who specializes in plagiarism and ethics in journalism added that she believes both publications may steal stories from Buzzfeed, or “things [her] 5th grade son shares on Instagram.”

Whoever is worse, all agree that having two terrible publications associated with Brandeis can only be a good thing.

“Competition… right?” said HerCampus writer Donna Israel. (Editors’ Note: Israel was drunk at the time of the interview which took place at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday) “It’s all just… friendly… competition!”

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