Breaking News: BranPo Uses Tear Gas on Crowd of 150 “Greek” Students. 0 Students Injured, 3 Posters Damaged.

WALTHAM — From forcing smiles to getting forced out, the “Greek” community at Brandeis received more than a few unwelcome visitors at their event last night. Brandeis Police shut down the semi-annual “Meet & Greek” run by the Brandeis’ three sororities. According to our sources, Brandeis Police responded to the event by dispersing the Read More

Jehuda Reinharz Connected To Outage

Buildings across the Brandeis University campus lost power Thursday afternoon at the peak of the recently nice weather.  The outage left classrooms and dormitories in the dark, and students stuck in elevators.  University officials identified the compromised generator and reported to the scene immediately, where they apprehended the suspect who Read More

There Was A Dog On Campus Today

Reports are flying in regarding a dog on campus today. Many students were excited to see said dog. Sophomore Jacob Goldbaum, upon spotting the dog, shouted “Dog!” Other students expressed similar sentiments. “Oh my gosh, look at that dog!” said Haley Wilkinson, a freshman living in North Quad. She claimed Read More